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Bernice Gordon Dies, Age 101

Bernice Gordon

Longtime crossword constructor Bernice Gordon has passed away at the age of 101.

Ms. Gordon's first New York Times appearance was in 1952. She had some 150 puzzles in the Times. Her last was a collaboration with teen constructor David Steinberg (creator of the Pre-Shortzian crossword project).

For more info:

New York Times article on Bernice Gordon


Also, please read David's touching tribute to Bernice here .



Crossword Subscriptions


It's nice to have the Today's Puzzles links on the right-hand column, but let's not forget about the subscription-based puzzles out there! If you want quality puzzles by some of the best in the business, look no further. The subscription fees are next-to-nothing, so please give your support and subscribe!


Name Editor/Constructor Delivery Day Size Cost Action
CRooked Crosswords Cox & Rathvon / Henry Hook Sunday 21x21 One year - $15.00 Subscribe
Crossword Nation Liz Gorski Tuesday 15x15 One year - 14.99
Two years - 24.99
American Values Club Ben Tausig Thursday 15x15

One year - 18.00

Two years - 30.00

Fireball Crosswords Peter Gordon Thursday 15x15 One Year (45 puzzles) - $24.75 Subscribe

The Clever Crosswords series by David Levinson Wilk

Buy Now on Amazon!


Puzzle constructor David Levinson Wilk has added three new books to his Clever Crosswords series. Each book contains 72 puzzles that are sure to entertain. Click on the links below to order from Amazon.

Article on Crossword Constructing


Hey crossworders,


I'm late in posting this, but it's still a good read. Science Friday posted a website article about crossword construction. Several of our members were interviewed or mentioned in the article. You can read it here:

Science Friday Crossword Article



Missing the LA Times puzzle in Across Lite format?


Hello puzzlers! If you have been trying to get the LA Times puzzle and have not been able to it is probably because you have been getting it through a third party link. This is not permitted. LA Times has generously offered access to their puzzle in Across Lite format, but exclusively to the membership. To get the puzzle, you must log into this site first, then click on the "LA Times" link in the right-hand menu.


Please note that the 3-month LAT puzzle archive is temporarily unavailable. It should be back very soon.


Thanks again to the LA Times for making their puzzle available to members.


Call for quality puzzles!

Submission rates for the Chronicle of Higher Education crossword have dwindled a bit recently, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind people of the venue. You can view the detailed spec sheet HERE (scroll down to below the list of puzzle links), but here are the bullet points:

* We accept 15x15 (or occasionally 15x16 or 15x14) crosswords with scholarly themes -- literary, scientific, etc. Constructors are encouraged to send theme queries before filling a grid, and filled grids before writing clues.

* The pay is $150 per puzzle, which I believe is only behind the Times and Fireball in open-submission pay rates for that size.

Since submissions are low, turnaround time will be quite high -- once clues for a completed grid are sent, you should probably have at most a few months to wait before your puzzle runs.

Hope to hear from many of you.

Rate Increases

Will Shortz, Puzzle Editor
NY Times Crossword

Effective immediately, the rate for daily New York Times crosswords will be increased to $300 from $200. The rate for Sunday crosswords remains the same -- $1,000.

This increase is in recognition of the time and tremendous skill it takes to construct a high-quality crossword.

I'm proud to have managed to get the Times's daily rate increased from $40 to $300 during my 20 years at the paper. And I will do my best to get the rates increased further in the future.

--Will Shortz


Peter Gordon, Editor
FireBall Crosswords
Effective with puzzles published April 1, the rate for Fireball crosswords will be increased to $300.56 from $205. (All slots before April 1 are filled, so any new submission will get the new rate.) Subscribers will also get an extra $0.44 (the price they paid per puzzle, since they don't get much of a challenge solving their own puzzles), bringing their total to $301.

This increase shows that independent crosswords can compete with the big boys.

I'm proud to maintain my status as the highest-paid crossword in the industry. And I will do my best to keep it that way.

--Peter Gordon

Timely books from Merl Reagle and Ben Tausig


Merl Reagle

Celebrating the centennial of the beloved crossword puzzle, this new volume features lighthearted and highly entertaining brain teasers from the acclaimed, award-winning puzzlemaker Merl Reagle, who has a national following from his Sunday puzzle’s weekly appearance in more than 50 newspapers nationwide.

Illustrations by award-winning cartoonist Jim Borgman add humor and character to this anniversary keepsake, a collector’s item for ardent and casual solvers alike.



RELATED -> Be sure to read Merl's guest column in the Tampa Bay Times. Merl sheds a bit of light on crossword inventor, Arthur Wynne.


Read it here:


Ben Tausig


2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle. Journalist Arthur Wynne had wanted to devise a new game for the back of the newspaper back in 1913, so he created a diamond grid and called it a “Word-Cross,” and thus the first crossword puzzle was born. Editor and crossword constructor Ben Tausig examines the curious history of the world’s most addictive game and its unusual upbringing.


Accompanied by 100 unique and challenging puzzles from the past 100 years, he examines the evolution of grid shape, how basic expected knowledge of the reader has changed, the puzzles that break the “breakfast table rule” and more. 

Featuring puzzles from top constructors like Will Shortz, Brendan Emmett Quigley, Matt Jones, Cathy Millhauser, Maura Jacobson, and more. 

News from our friends at Puzzazz

Earlier this year, Puzzazz won the GeekWire Innovation of the Year award for our TouchWrite handwriting recognition technology.


In June, they launched support for the New York Times daily crossword. Puzzazz is the only app supporting the print version of the crossword every day -- a full-fidelity experience with none of the problems that other apps have. About ten times a month, Puzzazz is the only app on any platform that presents the puzzle as it's supposed to be.


More recently, they launched a major update, Puzzazz 3.0, which updates the look to match Apple's new iOS 7.  The change was natural because their solving experience was already exactly what Apple wants -- an interface that presents the content first and foremost, without extra on-screen elements that detract from the puzzle. They also created a new icon that is a great balance between the Puzzazz aesthetic and Apple's design principles. 


See for yourself, click here to download Puzzazz:



Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists

Looking for crossword constructing software for your iPhone or iPad? Well, look no further. Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists may be just the ticket. This handy tool has its own offline database and allows you to import your own word lists as well as reference external web resources.

For more information visit the official website HERE .

Recent Crossword Books

Featured release:

Other recent releases:

Grid Search not working

Thanks to those who have reported the problem with the Grid Search function. I am working on the problem and hope to have it solved soon. Thanks for your patience.



Crossword Ease - The Secret Language of Crossword Puzzles

From Word-Buff

'Crossword Ease' is a play on the term 'crosswordese', an in-house word used by crossword puzzle aficionados (often called 'cruciverbalists') to describe obscure words that turn up in crossword puzzles quite often, but hardly ever in that hard-to-define place known as the 'real world'.


In this book I'll help you decode the clues that stop most people from finishing their morning newspaper crossword puzzle. While you're at it, you'll learn a whole bunch of fascinating stuff about how puzzles are made and how their makers try to trick us at every corner!


But the obscure words you'll master in this little book will prepare you for much more than crossword puzzles. You can use them to kick butt in Scrabble, Words With Friends, Lexulous, Text Twist, Spelling Bees, or a million other vocabulary games.


Or, if you prefer, just blow your friends away by casually sprinkling your dinner party conversations with words like RIA, EMIR, and OGEE.


Buy it HERE

Puzzazz Ships Puzzazz for iOS

On Monday our good friends over at Puzzazz announced the launch of their new Puzzazz App for iOS. Available now for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices, the Puzzazz app provides puzzle aficionados an elegant and highly optimized digital experience for solving a variety of different types of puzzles, including crosswords, cryptics, word puzzles, rebuses, and other types of puzzles created by world-class constructors. The app provides over one hundred free puzzles of all types.

At launch, the puzzle store is stocked with 29 puzzle ebooks from 17 authors, with more coming every month, so there's something for everybody who likes puzzles.

See the full press release HERE

Recent Crossword Books

Featured release:

Other recent releases:

Magus on the LA Times


on the

LA Times

So what did you think of the LA Times crossword puzzle today? Easy, hard? Good, bad? Compare your experience to that of Magus, who has been providing his daily assessment of the LA Times puzzle here, in the forums, for a few years now.

Visit the "Today's Puzzles" forum HERE


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